sometimes there aren't any words that will describe one's level of weariness...that's me.
today was a typical day...i fell asleep during my math lecture...muddled through the rest of my day, skipped a Nutri Sci lecture (will catch up on webcam) and then fell asleep during my math midterm review (bad sign?)...i had to leave early in order to "catch" dinner at the D.C. or the GBC...i got there precisely 15 seconds till 7 p.m....no pity =( Neway, i treated myself out to dinner, spent my allowance for the next couple weeks and then walked back to my dorm.
i guess i sound pretty bad when i cough b/c on the way back a homeless guy started lecturing me about getting more sleep..."young lady, oh, oh, oh...nooooooo (accompanied by background coughs)...nyquil...young lady...dayquil? uh...nyquil...you need to stop partying and get more sleep!"--well, i could tell i was tired b/c the homeless guy was right...damn, i'm gonna go to sleep early no matter WHAT tonight (and that's a threat!)

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