I'd just like to say that any mental corruption was done to me by others.

e.g.--i thought the song "last night"--by Az Yet, was the most disgusting song. my friends proved me wrong...way wrong...
They had me get a couple songs off the net...and let's just say, i turned the songs off after the first couple seconds while they laughed at me.
another example? i thought R. Kelly's "Ignition" really was about putting a key in the ignition & driving it!!! my roommate took great joy in explaining that one... The worst part is that i have trouble listening to the song now...sad, huh?

but then again, b/c i get paranoid that i may be missing something, i start imagining double entendres in some of the wrong places.
e.g.--the song "Time of the Season" went through a loong breakdown session w/ ppl on my floor b/c I had problems w/ the line..."What's your name...who's your daddy..."
listen to it! you will see how it could be taken multiple ways...!!!

anyway, there! there's my defense! (i actually have no clue what i'm defending, but i'm sure you can fig out something)

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