Today was great!

The press briefing was very kewl. Had to go through a lot of security at JPL, got a badge (didn't get to keep it tho...shucks!).
Now I know tons and tons of info about MERs (Mars Exploratory Rovers)...I can even use the acronym!!!
I got to see kewl graphics, media and pics of the mission. In 2009 they are already planning for MSLs (Mars Space Laboratories)...it's gonna be SOOOO kewl!!!

I also gots another story coming out tomorrow! =)
(Me v. co-intern: 3 to 1...SCORE!)
Had to interview this mean lady today. She was being very "not nice." But, I guess I guilt-tripped her b/c she called herself a b*tch, apologized, faxed me info, gave me her home # and the works. woohoo!

Took this stress quiz. Hmmm...interesting, if you're above 250 u're overstressed.

...I'm 700. That can't be good.

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