Miracles of Miracles...my cell phone works again!!! YAY! I survived more than three weeks--from 6/17/03 till today...w/out a cell! It was horrible. I do not recommend it to anyone. Sad that I have become so cell dependent, but...such is life! I probably saved tons of money, tho...to look on the bright side.

Anyway, you wonder how this miracle FINALLY happened? Well, when the phone stopped working, AT&T sent me a new phone, charging me $9.99 for shipping costs, of course. That new phone didn't work. So I sent it back...then filled out paperwork for a new battery. Finally got the new battery...that didn't work either...or so it seemed. So, today I went to the AT&T store so that they could test my battery. If the battery is a bad one then they'd sent another. But, if it is a good battery and the phone is defective,then they'd send me a completely new phone. For those of you who want to know what phone NOT to buy...mine is an Ericsson T306 (nice on the eyes, accessories and stuff, but a fiend for ur money, time and connections!). Well, I go to the store in the blistering 96 degree Pasadena heat...(or rather, I walk slightly jog to the store b/c I don't wanna pay $1 for parking and am on a 15 minute meter...)...at the store, the guy turns on my phone...and what do you know? It works! Damn, did I feel stupid. But, happy. He gave me the strangest look...and i gave him one back. Then thanked him and ran out the door--what the heck?!?!--i had turned on the phone b4, it never worked! Anyway, i had 5 min left on the meter and all of this took a mere 30 minutes, after 25ish days of misery...ahhh.

note to anyone who thought i was ignoring them when they called my cell and i didn't return their call: i didn't know...sorry...i wasn't ignoring you. but, if you read this site, you probably knew that. so never mind.

oh yesh, my midterm yesterday was okay....we'll see what happens. i'm sorta worried tho. keeping my fingers crossed. finally got my books, AFTER the midterm. such is life, eh?

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