I guess chatting up one of the senior editors is the way to go. My evil co-intern will get another page 1 story tomorrow. Damn him to...

oh well, hopefully i'll get my chance. such is life.

i was driving to work this morning and there were two motorcycle cops just in the middle of the freeway...everybody was going soooo slowly. it was very annoying.

so, my tactic is to drive behind the cops, that way they can't get u and they are establishing the pace, somewhat. but i can't get behind them, and in front of me is a wide open stretch, beautiful, for the fool-hardy. so i switch in to the lane they're in, in front of them. that's the scariest thing ever. I look in my rearview mirror, and i see two motorcycle cops right behind me. when they started switching lanes, one rode up in front of the other, and I coulda sworn they were gonna give me a ticket. i was soo freaked out (but w/in the speed limit--painfully so). anyway, they left...and everyone accelerated.

one of these days...i've been meaning to do a Sun Tzu post. I'm sure i'll get to it sometime.

still a little bothered by my co-intern.

he is so devious. die!!! (j/k)

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