A Nightmarish Drive to Work
(prepare to be bedazzled by the horror of it!)

So...yes, I have a fine enough morning. All's good. Until! dum dee dum dum DUM!!! I get on the freeway. Once I'm safely on the freeway I look at my gas gauge...and i go...AAAUUUGGGGHHHH!!!!. I forgot to fill it up yesterday when it was already in the orange zone. I'm like...oh shit...i can do this...i'll SUPER-coast...but I'm freaking out the entire time. THEN!!! When the two milimeters is slowly decreasing to less than one millimeter...I suddenly notice the hood of my car is bouncing along with my drive. strange, I say to myself. DAMN IT! Someone...someone (and i'll give you a hint,...definitely not me)...(actually, i dunno who it is...but i know it's not me!)...that someone had popped my hood. So now, i'm worrying about gas, worrying about my hood popping up in front of my face while i'm driving...just freaking worried.

THEN! it starts to rain. wonderful, huh? great, so now i'm worried that tons of water is seeping in through my engine. (*what the hell...raining in July?!?!?!) When the gas light comes on, I was so surprised I almost jumped out of my car. So i start seriously looking for a gas station, ANYWHERE. If you know my car, you KNOW it drinks gasoline. I had to turn off the air-conditioning in order to ensure no tiny amount of gas seeped out of my car for any other reason than driving. One little section on my gauge is usually gone after a single commute, one-way. I had already done one "coasting" commute on this section, here was my second....augh! I finally pull of the road to an urbanish area. (gosh darn, am i in LA county, or what?)...I'm driving/coasting up/down hills...and i can't find the damn gas station. by now, i'm EXTREMELY concerned I won't make it to work. (oddly enough, i almost always USUALLY look at my gauge b4 i drive, what the heck?!) ...okay, so i find some guy and ask him and he finally tells me where a gas station is. I make it, drain my bank account, close my hood, and am back on the road b4 you can say baloney. finally, the rain stopped.

THEN! when i was driving on the street, a blue van suddenly decides to try to side-swipe my car! DAMN HIM!

needless to say, i'm at work, finally...late...of course. (what'd u expect?) my evil co-intern is here too, tho he said he might not be in, probably to give me a false sense of security and make me not come. but ha!

work better go well. or else. (and that's not a threat, it's a promise.)

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