Horror of horrors! I've become a tad bit lj envious...what to do, what to do...*shakes head profusely, until something falls out*--Ouch! neway, i already have blogger, xanga...eek...will i do it? even I don't know! Man, it's so hot today I really wanna go to the beach, but I can't, b/c if have "packer conscience"--or actually, even worse--a final coming up that i must study for. it's tomorrow, and i haven't read any of the 3 chapters ~70 pages that will be on the exam. what is wrong w/ me? i have become too complacent, as a friend warned me...but...it's always worked before! i needa buy new shoes! But...everything's so freaking expensive, and i'm also slightly (okay, very) picky...tried buying shoes yesterday, didn't quite work out. the shoes i really really liked were from the UK, shipped overseas, and they only had one pair left and none in the U.S. in my size. plus, they would not get another shipment ever again. what the freaking hell?!?! what luck.

i got an IM from an old friend yesterday who i hadn't spoken to in a LOOONG time. it was really nice. she had learned my IM sn from a friend who checks my blog site occasionally. I dunno how it really worked actually...but it was great! i'm quite glad i leaked the sprouse thing =( on my blogger site. it's a wonder how these things worked. the thing has come full circle back to me again, and i just told 2 ppl and did a short entry on it. well, i'm glad i could spread the word. his funeral is this saturday, so i won't be able to go...i'll prob be back in berkeley, w/ luck. but, i do wish i could attend and send my condolences to his family, mrs. sprouse (esp) as well as mr. hiatt who worked w/ him for so long teaching core. it's very tragic.

on a different note, b/c i don't wanna depress the few ppl who stagger through my long, stream of consciousness craziness entries already (tho sometimes they're short)...i'll retrivialize my entry. i'm really hungry. seriously. this could be an emergency. i need food! (okok, not an emergency!)

i feel like i could blog about so much more substance, but something is escaping me. what is it... i'm a little apprehensive about going to live in the bayit. i mean, moreso b/c of my roommate who is a HUGE wildcard. what bothers me the most about her is I fear that she has some preconceptions about me that are very large misconceptions. i've never spoken to her for longer than 2 minutes ever. frankly, i don't think i could speak with her for longer (tho i'm certainly willing to try). and i have tried! i gave her a call way back when to talk with her about things. and alas, i never received a call back. and perhaps i'm being a little stubborn here, but i'm not gonna call her back. let her call me! hmph! (or...should i call her?...?)

well, she came up to me while i was studying for a final--last week of school--and she was like..."hey, guess what? i just realized I hooked up with a guy in our room last semester at a party!"--she seemed awfully happy about it. i, personally, was shocked...and gave her very covered up, bland, non-emotional face. i said: "well, the room will hold lotsa memories for ya then, huh." --what else could i say? so there. she's one of *those* ppl. nono, not *those.* but hey, she also has some kewl points. she seems quite social (which can be bad if taken to extremes, or cliquey), she is majoring in English and music (both interests of mine)...so, here's hoping...wish me luck!

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