Well, I promised I'd update. I'm sorry I never quite got down to it. But, better late then never, eh? Okay fans...this'll be a long one, so you can either shake ur head in horror or give a scary grin of psychotic joy. I'll start at the very beginning...a very good place to start...(sorry, couldn't help it!). Ohkay, I met my roommate, Debbie, who is actually very kewl. I am very very relieved and happy. She's an English major and a music minor. She plays piano, in fact, she brought a keyboard w/ her. Yay! We're both taking English 45B & English 117S (she has a diff 45B prof, but we're in the same class & sit next to each other for the other one). What else? She swims every single morning and did it all last year. Isn't that kewl? I think it's awesome. I wish I were as committed and not so freaking lazy. I'm gonna try and go one day...one day... btw, my initial worries about her are all good now. Thank G-d.

My housemates are allllll amazing in their own ways. They're all caring and kewl, it's like a family and I love it. It's a bit crazy. They're all funny. The way it works is that we take turns cooking once a week as well as fulfilling different chores around the house. In addition, we have to put on some house events. We've already planned our first party, which will be a luau--someone wants the welcoming title thing to be "come get leid"--get the joke? it was told to me verbally, so i didn't get it at first. anyway, losing my train of thought here. it was really funny hanging out w/ ppl. many interesting conversations ensued. our first house activity was quite risque and VERY abnormal according to my housemates. everyone watched porn together. someone left it in the house years ago...apparently. anyway, i stayed for about 20 min. i had work to do and it really wasn't very enjoyable in the least. ppl made fun of the "acting," "plot" and of course there were a great many disconcerted gasps from girls in the room. i learned what a pearl necklace was. ech. the next day at dinner someone...i think my roommate actually, said that any guy who does "minnow" should be shot. hilarious. many of the veteran housemates were shocked by the blatant sexual tones of recent house convo. (note: i don't say crap.) anyway, i'm sure it's the fresh blood in the house and ppl who mention "hot sex" at the drop of a hat, tho i won't point ne fingers. it's funny.

what else...the first week, dubbed "welcome week," was fun. i went to Caltopia and won kewl free things, tshirts & the like. I went w/ my housemates to farmers market, ate a buncha snacks then relaxed on the grass there in the shade and listened to a jazz/blues band play music. it was very relaxing and somethign i think i could find myself getting easily addicted to. i also went to my first frat party, which i decided is not my thing. i'll go once in a while for the company, but it's just not for me. besides that i hung out w/ friends from last semester/yr. it was nice catching up and just hanging out b4 the tumult of classes that have now drowned me and threaten to kill. i've discovered that i much prefer house parties, if parties at all, b/c i know most of the ppl and can trust 'em more. tho i don't really drink, and never really did until this year, socially, my parents have been pretty good about letting me try things within reason. i tried some weird punch at the frat and it tasted like crap. their stuff almost made me feel sick. i've thus decided i will no longer drink their crap or any other such "mystery drinks;" rather, i'll only drink quality, bottled stuff, if i must. and no. i am not an alcoholic.

i went to work at the daily cal this week. i'm quite optimistic about how things are going, and for security reasons will not elaborate on the issue any further.

for some reason i am completely swamped, both mentally and emotionally by all the things going on in my life, schoolwise... i don't know why, but i cannot focus very well anymore, nor can i work as quickly as i did in my youth (a month ago). seriously, tho, i have so many things i need to do/check on and i just can't.

one possible reason. i'm SICK. yes, you heard it. it's killing me, slowly tearing at me, and it not only prevents me from doing well on my work and participating in class, but from being productive in all aspects of everything in my life right now. damn sickness.

i visited my former roommate, raquel. she's living w/ roxanne now, a tad far from campus. she gave me this really kewl abraham lincoln poster thing from D.C. I was really touched. too bad she lives opposite from me, but hopefully i'll get to hang w/ her or do some stuff during the year. there's always relay for life...damn relay for life.

one of my housemates wants to go camping this weekend. i'd love to, as long as i'm healthy.

now this is getting really random.

oh yes, i had my first, sorta "drama"tic encounter w/ my boyfriend, Patrick. the reason i say, sorta, is b/c it wasn't really that bad. and everything's all good now. the hard thing about this blog is that it's too weird to speak about a member of my audience (and now i recall that raquel has this site's address...damn). anyway, i won't elaborate further, yet again, for security reasons.

i haven't been able to see namrata for the entire freaking first week. mostly b/c of my crazy schedule, it's randomness as well as my retarded cell phone, acting up. i'm hoping this will change, quickly.

i'm soooo behind in french class. it's killing me and it's only the first week. why? i have so much freakin reading to do...on a daily basis, not including all the stuff for my other classes. the 8 a.m. class is killing me. who woulda thought for a humanities major...8 a.m., hmph.

oh yes, Berkeley is still the #1 public university in the country, tied w/ University of Virginia, followed by University of Michigan. (hehe...Amy.)

my parents have been trying to reach me for the longest time. it's been very difficult b/c i have stuff to do for them and haven't been able to do it yet. for one, i need to follow up about the car thing w/ the city of pasadena. my mom called today to yell at me about the cell phone bill (we just updated my minutes, but this goes into effect for the following month), anyway, she thinks it must be wrong, and i concur, enthusiastically. you will too, i'm sure, esp if you knew it was over $300. what the freaking hell. it's impossible. for many many many MANY reasons. i certainly hope there's an explanation for this, b/c my mom said if there isn't, i'll have to get another job. someone, shoot. me. now.

now i'll go through my housemates for the benefit of probably no one.

debbie--my roommate, kewl, composed song on piano along w/ lyrics and sang 'em for me, very nice.
dee-israeli housemate, great sense of humor, suggested watching the porno...okok, demanded it.
mikhael--comes from santa monica, knows some of my old friends i grew up with, he's very laid back.
melissa--nice, great personality and sweet temperament.
isaac--very nice guy, great sense of humor, philosophy major & cs minor (that says a lot), reflective.
david--came back from a yr abroad in france, very kewl, has a collection of great dvds that he lets ppl borrow, helpful and kind.
devora--very active in clubs and such, great sense of humor, really nice.
marcy--kewl, understanding, sweet, helpful, kind, genuine and well-meaning.
jenna--i didn't think she liked me at first, but she was upset about something else. she does dance, is really pretty in my opinion, and very nice.
(sorry, everyone is really nice.)
noam--funny as hell, wonderful guy with a great sense of humor giving & taking it, good cook, (made me food).
judd--very nice and caring guy, seems cool on the outside, but sweet on the inside, haven't spent much time w/ him, but he's very helpful and quite pleasant. i've also heard he's really funny and becomes a velociraptor when the house cooks meat. (somewhat rare b/c of the presence of vegetarians--eating is a little hard, but VERY satisfying and everyone helps each other out.)

there's a lot more i could type, i think i will eventually. but, right now, i gotta get back to work. my cell phone will prob be outta commission for a while...u'd do the same. (i have no house phone, so text mssg, leave mssgs and i'll get back to ya...after 9 p.m.)

that's it for the briefs. over and out.

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