Ah. (a big sigh of relief). I finally feel like I'm coming back to my senses and able to enjoy life, somewhat, again. Well, here's to that. --what a little sleep and homework will do for the mind, eh?

i know I've been bad about blogging, i bet i've lost most of my diligent (the few) readers, but anyway, life has mostly been hell, except for some brief respites of happy time w/ Patrick.

So, perhaps i *am* spread too thin, w/ the DC, 2 intramurals, 2 research projects, club responsibilities, mentoring, a buncha other crap & day-to-day living responsibilties--oh yeah, did i mention my 17 units & homework?...But at least life is sorta getting to normal now that i've arranged my work schedule in some sort of regular pattern and have tried not to succumb to a life of hell as i did last week. yes...*ponders the life of hell, looks around room at all the crap--papers/books, etc*

well i gotta make more time. time efficiency is my next goal. that & sleep efficiency and getting to class earlier. neway, this rather bland entry will have to do b/c i need to sleep. 8 a.m. class! ouuuuuuch.

my first bball game tomorrow w/ gefilte swish team. wish me luck.

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