I've realized I don't really like birthdays. I love the concept...but, in execution...the whole day comes off rather embarassing, anti-climactic, uneasy and uncomfortable for all those involved.

Ah yes, so...some typical ppl you may meet on ur birthday...(and I may add to this list, or in fact, will probably...)

You have the usual ppl who realize it's a person's bday that day and are embarassed about it...often they don't even really know the person, so that only exacerbates the situation...

Then you have those ppl who really couldn't give a damn about u, in all honesty, they probably wouldn't notice if u crawled under a rock and died...but all of a sudden, some polite microbe in them makes them feel obligated to wish you a happy birthday. well...ain't that kind, and ain't it just freakin' annoying...again, the uncomfortable factor.

half of the time I feel like I'd rather be somewhere else...it's one of those troped moments of being in the somewhat center of attn, and especially when it's contrived...forced and superficial...it just feels all bad. i mean, really, the only ppl who ACTUALLY care about it...if u think honestly, are ur parents. they were there, after all. they KNOW how good or bad it is that you were born...

anyway, i'm currently dealing with a sort of dilemma. i don't know if I should take my French class pass/fail...I'm not failing. in fact, a "B" is very easy. But I don't want anything other than an "A" in the class...it'll bring down my GPA.

Now, the thing is, that I will work the same amount despite the pass/fail...so if i end up w/ an "A" then it will be very VERY frustrating. anyone have a suggestion? the deadline is next week, if not today...augh.

i'd also like to take a little poll out there, just to see if i'm mental or something. what are a couple thoughts or concerns that come to mind when there's a younger girl dating an older guy? let's put the age difference btwn 1-2 decades. any takers?...tho it would have probably been smarter to put this at the top of my blog...so that ppl wouldn't have to survive all through that long rant up above. anyway...

one good thing. davis is out. thank the lord almighty.

and now, something lighter...geez Amy, ur such a copy cat. =P

My inner child is ten years old today

My inner child is ten years old!

The adult world is pretty irrelevant to me. Whether
I'm off on my bicycle (or pony) exploring, lost
in a good book, or giggling with my best
friend, I live in a world apart, one full of
adventure and wonder and other stuff adults
don't understand.

How Old is Your Inner Child?
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