I'd just like to say...Yeah Michelle! Congrats on winning Presidential Classroom!!! Keeping up that legacy... =) Get ready for the time of your life.

and now, on a more sober note...

i needa sleep so i can study like hell for my polisci final. 50 percent of my grade. yeah. esp. since i didn't sleep much at all last night b/c i was feeling really feverish and messed up...despite being medicated. however, ppl here have been really nice. marcy said i shouldn't hesistate to ask her if i need her to make dinner, wash some dishes or something for me. devora's been offering me extra meds. david made french toast (for lotsa ppl). isaac made brownies...yum... and everyone else has just been great even tho they're stressed.

my English final today was quite challenging. i'm really hoping i pulled through tho...i need a good grade on it.

OH MAN! i just checked the two quotes that i was not sure of...from two very random texts (we had to identify any possible line from any possible text--a total of more than 50 texts!)...AND I GOT THEM RIGHT! Damn...i feel a little better. hopefully B.S. will pay off too.

(xtra note: just found out...i attributed the Pendaric Ode to Gray...dammit. oh wellz, you win some, u lose some...)

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