i decided to steal someone else's idea and post my thoughts a year ago...

i was so much more...spry...or at least, spirited. now i'm just kind of deflated.

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Dinner at the Asian Ghetto--derogatory term? perhaps...used by all, & since I'm also asian, i've got rights, huh? Anyway, a series of bizarre coincidences helped me rerealize the fact that this world really is small, at least this supposedly huge university is...Weird!

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So, today I wake up at 9:30...great! i say to myself...plenty of time till I meet my mentee at 11 a.m. Never EVER EVER close your eyes, even for a second, when you haven't yet physically gotten out of bed and washed your face...I REwoke up at 11:30 a.m....& ran to Wheeler--luckily, i wasn't too late, but i felt pretty bad for my mentee-hope she didn't think i was a flake b/c i was late.

now...on to my mentee--her name's Karla, goes to Oakland High, and is tres kewl. She loves food!!! (a match made in heave), loves reading, wants to be a writer and plays sports. YAY!!! I'm pretty darn excited.

Other news today...Benjamin called, said it was a beautiful day & if I wanted to go somewhere w/ him. he had everything planned, to go for a walk somewhere, had got the car...but, of course, I have a polisci paper to work on. that sucks. haven't yet started, actually...oopsie. More on that to come. neway, i felt really bad telling him no, but no did i tell him--diligent tami on the scene.

When i got back to my dorms, 5 minutes later Namrata popped by. We talked a bit & then did some sparring =). It was all in good fun, except when i ended up bashing her head against the cabinet. i felt sooo badly, guess it wasn't a great idea sparring in my 2x2 dorm room. Neway, introduced her to Michelle, both gave each other mutual weird looks. After Namrata left I hung out with Michelle a bit. Tried searching her computer for this file only to discover it didn't exist--with that bubble burst i'm back here for the normal procrastination through blogging & IMming. Will try & work now. For realz--maybe i'll even skip dinner to work (but then i'll get hungry later & eat a lot more...not very healthy)...we'll see...

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Someone was really mean and decided to mess with my blog. I went to this site expecting home sweet home...but no...i got some oddball site. Whoever did that...a message to you...!@$#^$*&%@!...nightynight!

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it's been an unproductive night/morning, what else?

I was gonna start my first paragraph of my polisci paper. But i figure I must make tribute to Chris...who just saved my life...to put it melodramatically. he picked up a HUGE mosquito on the window that had flew inside my room, & threw it outside. Kudos to Chris for preventing me from becoming a walking mosquito bite. yay!!!

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