I didn't mention what I saw at ComFest. There was a display at one booth about natural childbirth. Urging women to do it naturally, etc...

OMG. it was absolutely disgusting. and i could not tear my eyes away from it.

Yes yes, natural childbirth is supposed to be a "beautiful" thing. or that's what it's hyped up to be. But believe me, the pictures don't seem to prove that. Yes, they had pictures. (stomach turns).

I got to see the precious baby's head "crowning," while Mike exclaimed, "Ouch that must hurt, look how big that head is, I'm so glad I'm a guy."

Well, I don't mind being part of the tougher sex (or gender, for the "p.c." ppl), but seriously...I walked away from that display with the intense feelings of vomitousness and general disdain for the whole procedure. (not the outcome). But, hey, I guess no one is eager about those sorts of things.

Did I mention there was A LOT of blood? And they showed many photos of the baby coming out. Including one cute one sarcsasm of the baby stuck between the mother's legs. (vomit)...

I won't be doing that for a LONG time. Thank you G-d!

btw, did i mention the whole thing about the area having to be dilated 10 cm? (say your two open palms next to each other, or 10 fingers wide.)

Oh yes, and the best part...which i also just recently learned. the dreaded, the horrid, the grotesquely disgusting (in my opinion) episiotomy. Read it and shudder.

Merriam-Webster euphemistically defines it as:
surgical enlargement of the vulval orifice for obstetrical purposes during parturition.

In regular English you basically cut the skin between your butt hole and where the baby's coming out. Lovely.

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