Man, you've got to read
this as well as this other thing. Especially YOU, you liberal scum. j/k =)

Here's an excerpt from the first thing--it's great:

Harvey Mansfield on Ronald Reagan: "In everything he was optimistic and radiated optimism: 'America's best days are ahead of her.' He was averse to gloom, malaise (in contrast to President Carter), and sacrifice, yet he demanded greatness from his country. He gave the impression that from the industry and generosity of Americans and from the spontaneous freedom of human nature, greatness would come easy." note by les yeux de la tete: carter sucks.

Paul Johnson on Bill Clinton: "Most of Clinton's time and energy as president were spent not on policy or executive activity but in defending himself against accusations. . . . This had one outstanding virtue. It turned the Clinton years into one of the longest periods of laissez-faire in U.S. history. If Clinton had been a continent man, and so with time to be an activist president, the consequences would almost certainly have been disastrous for the American economy. As it was, with the president busy elsewhere, the nation thrived mightily, as always when the White House does nothing." note: especially when the president's a democrat...

Paul A. Gigot on George W. Bush: "Bush is a political risk-taker whose goals are ambitious enough that the conventional wisdom during his third year has been that he is 'over-reaching.' If he is denied re-election, it won't be because he tried to achieve too little. This Bush trait has surprised many, in particular his critics. When he was running for the job, they described him as an amiable but uncurious and dimwitted scion. Three years later those same critics are describing him as a Machiavelli bent on a 'radical' agenda at home and abroad. Clearly they missed something about Bush's political character."

Hilarious, but oh so true.

It's great knowing reporters for the Wall Street Journal--it's a nice feelings to be able to pick up the paper and see their articles and say, "I know that person!"

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