On a quick political note, I think it's really really kewl that the handover took place today without any hint of what would happen beforehand. I mean, that's a pretty big feat, think about the Clinton Administration...the secret woulda been out the day it was hatched. Anyway...Columbus really is liberal zone. I found myself ranting a tad...well..just talking excessively about politics when I found ONE, i repeat, ONE, likeminded person.

It is sort of sad. I have the inept ability of alienating all social conversation by my brief, but highly successful attempts at intellectualizing a subject matter. For example...I was relating a story about my Mickey Mouse t-shirt, and segued from there to a discussion of Rousseau, childhood etc. My conversation mates were all lost, uninterested or unmotivated to talk with me any further. *sigh* And I felt like such a loser. Alas, I miss conversation back at the Bayit, or in general, back at Berkeley, where I could launch off into or onto some intellectual tangent without looks of...pretention? eh, I don't know.

Btw, that Mickey Mouse shirt is getting a ton of attention, I guess people my age no longer sport The Mouse, what a loss for our generation, heh.

Ah, so for my adoring fans and readers (Amy, that'd be you)...I had a great weekend. Friday night I went to services after work --got set up with a ride home (always nice), and then made myself a HUGE dinner. After dindin, I went out to ComFest, the liberal, Bush-bashing hangout with home-grown bands (Amy, I think you'd find it amusing). I went for the music, company and crowd-watching. They had one band playing there, obviously horribly inebriated...so much so that they were falling off the stage! It was hilarious. Especially the fact that they had stripped down into mini "bra-like" t-shits and racy thongs. Hilarious, and very disgusting. The crowd watched in awe as the two grown men with huge beer bellies strutted their stuff on stage, swaying back and forth to their own horrible music and bouncing their rather small packages. One guy wore a unicorn head on the end of his. There was no end to the ridiculousness, and it was hard for people, myself included I admit, to not be fixated by the grotesque humor of the situation.

After this oddity we all left for a "party" at some random aquaintance's place. The "party" was really six guys sitting and just talking to each other. After rubix cubing it up (I swear that thing will be the end of me...I try keeping it as far from me as possible) we left for some food (yes, I eat a lot) and then I went home to sleep.

Saturday I woke up early and took the 1 hour 15 minute, yes, 1 hour 15 minute bus ride to temple. The second bus was 30 minutes late, and I have never wished harder for a car, random salvation, or a million dollars with which I could use a small sum to take a taxi. (I recently met a guy who bought a car for $350. lucky lucky man.) Anyway, I put on my sunglasses and headphones to ward away random unwanted ppls while I wait at the bus. Unfortunately, some weirdo came walking right towards me and, mistakenly thinking I was adoringly staring at him, grins at me, waves, and starts talking to me...now, I don't usually do this, b/c I feel really rude and frankly, wrong. But, I blankly stared right past him, continuing to listen to my music without any sign of acknowledgement...and he, feeling like a fool no doubt, kindly stepped away. Thank G-d!

I got the services, really really enjoyed them, except for the rabbi's anti-Bush rant, or rather pro-Moore speech, which really really angered me. Doesn't he understand that he supports a man who seems to have no qualms about Hezbollah (they offered to help him with his film)...feels perfectly comfortable with such company and ties...and is connected to Dean, who claims they are "soldiers" not terrorists? Ah the frustration. gah!

After services there was a ton of food, which was excellent. I re-met a guy who said he'd help me find a place to live in Paris. Everyone was extraordinarily nice. I got a ride back from him and his dad on the way home. His dad was a little ... i dunno. The conversation went something like this:

me: Thanks for the ride, I really hope it wasn't any inconvenience. I really appreciate it.

the dad: no problem.

me: so how long have you been here (as we pass an apartment he points out as once being his)?

the dad: here in this apartment? or here in Columbus? I lived in the apartment back in the '70s.

me: okay...

guy: dad, don't give her a hard time, just answer the question.

me: i meant, in Columbus.

the dad: well, i've lived in Columbus 45 years.

me: you're originally from Ohio?

the dad: well, I'm older then 45 years old...so...

guy: c'mon dad...

me: uh...where are you originally from?

the dad: pennsylvania.

me: okay. (trying to fix the situation and restore light-heartedness to the car) i was indirectly trying to give you a compliment with that whole 45 year old thing.

the dad: oh...

guy: eh...we're past that.

me: okay...(uncomfortable silence, I stare out the window...)

yup, that was pretty much the gist of our conversation. the dad didn't lighten up. In fact, we were talking about one of my articles and I couldn't remember all the business facts about it. But, apparently the dad was well-versed in the company's operations. Needless to say, my attempts to b.s. & jog my memory backfired...it was quite embarrassing.

well, after that debacle of myself, and a hasty departure from the vehicle of doom, I went home and got back into civilized clothing. I found out my roommate had an extra ticket for the Jessica Simpson concert...so I put off my plans to go back to ComFest during the day to browse around at the booths and just did some LSAT/downloading/napping/surfing (the net) until my roomie came home and we departed for the concert.

I was really excited because I love concerts (been to only a few)...and also because I didn't get to see the DMB concert the other night so this made up for my previous disappointment. Plus! it was free! The concert was great, lots of fun and I got to sing along to songs I liked and b.s. my way through others. I think Jessica Simpson has really improved in her repetoire and abilities to showcase her singing voice. It was fun.

Afterward I just went home and made some food. Yum. Then bed.

The next day I woke up rather late then, after a hearty home-made meal, headed off (like all the alliteration?) to ComFest. Toured around almost every. single. booth. with my roommate & one of her friends, then after they zonked out, toured around with other friends who arrived later. When the other ppl arrived I was already starved and dehydrated from the hot sun. (I had sat down by myself before they arrived for a good 30 min to listen to the music and relax...it was nice...I also finally tried getting a henna thingamajig. it was cheap. but, as johanna put it..."too bad your skin's so dark so you can't really see it"...5 minutes later she said "or...the henna's so light"). So, anyway, once the other ppl arrived, i was still focused on eating again. All I did was talk about food until they agreed to leave and get some. We got some food...eh...it was okay, not worth my money tho...and then just hung out for a little while. There was a bbq going on right afterward, but man, for once I was full. Whitney burned me a cd of her music, which I was listening to and thought was really good. The cd is kewl, she wrote every song title on top and everything.

We stopped by the bbq for a little while. I ate again. A whole hamburger. Then, I went to see Harry Potter 3. It was scary. But it was GOOD. I really really really liked it. After that hard long day I went home and went to sleep.

And that, folks, was my weekend. tada.

Now I must eat lunch.

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