trying to think of a rain lead...all i keep coming up with are stupid childhood rhymes & "when it rains...it pours"...hm.

anyway, it actually is/was raining a second ago. funny how though it doesn't rain much in CA, I am always out when it is. Actually, correction, i'm always out trying to do a 5K run or some other race. How random is that?

I had the worlds fastest lunch today, 10 minutes or something like that, b/c I had to get back to the office. I'm leaving for the airport relatively soon. My "professional partner" aka mentor is driving me over...yay! All my beloved possessions are sitting right here next to me. I hope i have a chance to change into more civilized clothing before I go...Anyway, i'm also working on an article that may go A1. if only i had a good lead. how disappointing if it doesn't. everyone here is trying to help me out with one. we're all wracking our brains.

oh yes, and the emails are coming in.

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