I'm baaack...(I think)...did anyone miss me?

I just got out of the best shower. Stayed in so long my fingers are all pruney (sp?)...

I tried holding my head under the water (turned it cold)...to test my panic if I were to drown...hmm...I started feeling pretty claustrophic...but, I think I did okay.

I found out about something else I want...besides the iPod and digital camera (probably aquired in the opposite order)--or it could be an mp3 player...I want a Blackberry handheld wireless thingy...I'm not sure if that's the full name, but man you can check your email anywhere, not just anywhere, but anywhere in the world.

cool beans. (yeah, I never say that...so what?)

that comes up to about $900 in technical thingies that I'm interested in. wow.

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