Well, I'm at a net cafe...my fingers have somehow managed to accustom themselves to two different types of keyboards...sure they slip up now and again, but they switch on and off...using the French keyboard...which is different...damn it...and my nice "normal" American keyboard on my laptop.

anyway, this evening i was walking and talking with someone...and i walked right into a street poll, all metal...right in between my legs. It was like a movie. I was walking really really fast. and it hurt like hell. man, if i were a guy, i swear it was prob almost like the equivalent of castration...and it was also probably funny to see...tho, thankfully my friend wasn't laughing. I think he could envision the pain for himself.

wat else...I met some ppl at temple today who, as soon as they found out i was an american asked...Bush or Kerry...of course i was hesitant to say nething based on my other experienced...but oddly enough...they were like...please say Bush! it was awesomely kewl.

shit...i gotta get going. adios.

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