Dear Mom and Dad,

Thanks for reading my site! It's heartening to have a wider audience nowadays. I hope you don't mind the fact that I kept this to myself and my friends. It really was a way for me to talk about whatever I wanted without too much censor. Obviously, this now no longer holds. Most of what I talk about here is whatever strikes my fancy, momentary emotions, etc...So you don't need to worry. I like to mock things a lot, including myself. And no, I am not suicidal.

But, now that you've read about my nice moment swimming and all. I do need a new bathing suit. A speedo.

Oh yes, and could you please try and resist reading my site? If you feel the dying need, go ahead. But, I'd appreciate some respect for my privacy. I'm not doing anything illegal, and, as you've probably read, not really getting myself into too much trouble. A lot of what I write are daily antics, etc. But nothing serious, I repeat. If I get in trouble with the law, or something else...You'll know. I'll tell you.


les yeux de la tete

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