Just got back from seeing Brooklyn Boy...a French play, which was awesome.

A French girl invited me with a bunch of her friends, and it was really really nice. It was a little hard to open up to such a big group of people. At first we got some drinks at a cafe...then went to see the play...and after, went to grab some chow. There were 10 of us at the play, but then the numbers sorta twiddled down to six. The line was so freakin long at the place we wanted to eat, that we just ended up going to Quick (which is the European version of Mc Donald's...that I've been trying to avoid...).

So, like I said, it was a little hard to get people to open up. Until...we started talking in Quick. I finally met people who were funny! It's amazing, b/c I haven't laughed in quite a while. Anyway, I tried ordering my chicken sandwhich without cheese...and they wouldn't let me!. The guy said I could wait 20 minutes if I wanted it...and I got unbelieviably pissed. I was like...it shouldn't take more time to not add something...I dunno what got into me, but I was quite enraged. I said I didn't want anything then. The three guys with me were quite amused.

Finally, I decided to wait for my sandwhich (I was hungry after all, despite the principle of it all), I gave the guy a hard enough time and had held up the whole line...lol. Anything for my food!

After that, there was plenty to talk about, in terms of comparing Mc Donald's to Quick and just food in general. My favorite topic. We ended up cabbing back home.

The two guys were really nice, offering to have me get home first even though that would be completely out of the way for the cab. We decided to be somewhat practical...and dropped one of the guys off first. The other guy I learned is doing a law phd at The Sorbonne. cool. He only had me pay a couple dollars for the cab, even though it was a lot more. And I exclaimed, "You're nice!"--and he was like..."You're nice too!"--and then I felt weird because it seemed a lot more than a casual exclamation after that exchange. So...yeah. I got outta the cab and that was that.

Bonne nuit!

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