so much to say, so few words. how opposite from...

when i was younger i used to watch boy meets world...where topanga gives up yale for corey, and i thought: Stupid, Stupid, STUPID! I would never do that!

Frankly, I never understood the importance of love...Other people, in fact, almost everyone around me, has always been praising, whining, or something about the virtues of love. But, me? I just figured, eh...one day it'd happen, whatever it is, and, yeah, I'd get married, have kids, the whole shebang. How hard can it be? How complicated does that need to be?

Then, i met someone who actually doubted that they'd get married. You see, the idea hadn't even crossed my mind. How can it be? I thought.

I've spoken with so many people who say we are alive to love. That the meaning of life is love.

You know, I always thought that was a corny sort of one-liner. Only stupid hopeless romantics say that. That I'm here for more substantial reasons...more rational reasons. For accomplishment, success...hard work that pays off.

But, I've been wondering. What's the point of all of that if you have no one to share it with? Does it really matter? Perhaps. But, perhaps not. Perhaps that is all an illusion... Have I been living my life according to entirely incorrect virtues and beliefs?

What a way to find out.

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