So very exhausted.

Just finished reading some 35ish pages of political/economic and structural-Marxist theory...in French. Oddly enough, when looking at the English, some of it was actually easier to understand in French, perhaps b/c that's the original language...

Gosh, I'm just going to crawl into bed and hope I fall alseep soon before I wake up tomorrow and continue working.

Been getting bouts of loneliness (or do they call that reality) at the oddest times of the day. It's too bad sleep escapes me...or when I do sleep, I dream dreams I would rather not dream--really, they haunt me (for lack of a better cliche).

It's too bad I'm so tired right now, I can't even put together a decent enough post to get accross the mood here. I'll paint a picture: I'm sitting in the center of my room, at my island-like table, which is literally piled high with papers and books, empty glasses, at it's center...my laptop. Only one light on in the room, right above my desk. Then there's me: hair really messed up, glasses on, energy level null, in part pjs part workout clothes, general unkempt appearance (apparently my normal look to some...i know, i try...). Oh yeah, I'm hunched over this "desk"--aka mountain of crap, staring intently at the computer, or my reader, trying to decipher the deeper meanings of philosophy.

Now, stretch that image over the last...say, 16 hours. Yeah, 16 hours. Okay, admittedly I took a break for breaklunch, brief workout, market, some mild entertainment, dinner...

If only I had more work accomplished.

I was going to sigh, but I won't give myself the satisfaction. Plus, I sigh too much anyway.

There may be a leak in my bathroom, which could possibly (G-d forbid) lead to no shower for a month...while they fix things. Plumber comes Wednesday.

I suppose I could just take long walks in the rain...

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