The thing about living by yourself...some days you don't say anything. I think I said about 15 words all day today. But, it was a nice day...a peaceful, thoughtful, reflective day.

Though my friend said I sounded "sedate," just from my typing over aim...so maybe my peacefulness was more exaggerated...

I've been working most of the day. My landlords are still here, and they are amazed by the amount I work (which honestly isn't much different from before)...

My conversation with my landlady:

"You were working all day..."


"that's rather unusual here..."


Anyway, I dunno, I really really enjoy what we're studying right now, and as a result, I guess I spend more time working. Now that I think about it, I did work a lot more last semester than freshman year because I liked the material a lot more...it was right when I started specializing. I guess that's what happens.

Feeling quite meditative now, and the urge to blog just overcame me...but about what?

I just finished watching Sex and the City, American girl in Paris (I & II). I watched PI earlier today...They were both excellent, such a real demonstration of the experience just moving to Paris, etc...specifically Paris though (there is a difference...).

I couldn't help wishing my life would bring me a similar ending. I know it would make everything better. But, watching the show did let me live vicariously...I swear, it was probably the most fun I have had here (aside from the time I spent with my parents)...It was so soothing...I identified quite a bit with Carrie, and my meager imagination did just the trick...the show has really improved in the last couple seasons...I bet I'll be watching these again.

Last night I was up until 3:30 a.m. or so...working, but then playing two rounds of Spades online. It was so much fun. Me and my partner won, of course...and the random person I ended up being partners with wanted to keep partnering with me in the future. I even got my ego stroked...lol. That's always nice.

...the thing about those episodes of Sex and the City is that they make me a tad bit nostalgic. Now, sitting here listening to Garth Brooks' "Please Remember"...I feel very satisfied (I made dinner and ate it while watching the show...)...and, very nostalgic. I suppose I had transferred to ending of the show into a real life imaginary tale for myself...and then, after the show ended, I realized I had to wake up and voila, there's reality to hit you in the face. ha.

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