It finally happened. The oddest thing. A friend of mine just got engaged!

She's like...well, near my age!


Well, she's not a real, close friend...otherwise perhaps it'd be even weirder for me. But to think, within probably something like a year she will be settling down with this one guy (whom I met, very nice...), for the rest of her life. That they will be dealing with all their issues together, perhaps raising kids...but whatever they do, together.

Well, unless they get a divorce...(cross everything!).

These people dated long distance over the last three/four years...he's from Turkey and she's from Wisconsin...he met her studying abroad there, and now she's finishing her second semester abroad (first was in Paris, hence how we got to meet) there with him. This is their first time since they started dating, really being together again. And it makes me wonder...perhaps it's better to not know a person that well when you marry them...perhaps the years and years of dating just makes it easier to screw your relationship up later, because heck, what's the freakin' point anymore?

He did a whole romantic proposal too...damn. I really hope they're happy, that their marriage is 1000% (yes, extra zero there on purpose) successful and that they stay together through sickness and health, through everything...

It's hard staying married these days. Or so it seems. Makes me wonder if arranged marriages weren't half so bad...(of course, veto power must be included).

I also wonder about other things, like, for example, those people who live with their significant others before marriage. I mean, then, what's the point of marriage? I suppose it's important to know things before you marry someone...i.e. if you can share a bathroom or a bed, but...do you really have to know everything about them? Isn't some of that discovery and learning a part of the process? If it's all out there, you're already screwing each other, living together, eating together, perhaps even raising kids together...what's the point of marriage?

And don't give me any of that bullshit confirming your love for one another crap.

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