Okay, some mad studying has to take place now...but first I feel compelled to write a new blog entry. Maybe it's because I finally find my blog numbers skyrocketing post-blog meet...or perhaps because there is so much going on right now.

The only problem? Almost all the people with which this stuff is going on have my blog address. Normally not a problem. But, in this case, yes. A problem. Ahhh yes...lovely security breeches. Old friends, we are, you know. (Yoda speak).

Anyway, I suppose I'll just supply the most newsworthy tid bits of the last 48 hours.

The blog meet was superb. A great experience, though slightly intimidating at first...I'm looking forward to fantastic reads, good Chinese food (in Paris! Finally!!!) and perhaps some flesh and blood friendships. *grin*

I met up with the Peruvian guy last night before heading out to my other friend's party...and guess what he had with him? A new mattress that he'd bought from Go Sport! I was stunned...shocked...and quite happy. What does this say about my whole family metaphor now?!

Then...after a brief stopover at my friend's basement/cave party...I went back to meet the Peruvian guy and Spanish girl for a drink near my house. I brought along my chess board to play with the guy and we drank hot chocolate and played chess for a couple hours...then decided to call it a night.

After nearly three days of having guests in my apartment...it feels rather empty now. Ha.

Just a note: There's that old rather trite idea that everything in your life can't be all good all the time. That when really bad crap is going on, some good stuff will happen too...and vice versa. Well, it is definitely the case for me. And it sure makes for odd "bi-polarish" blog entries. What's worse...not only is it odd meeting people who will take a look at my blog...but I'm sure they will think back to the person that they met the night before or a week ago...and go, Whhaaa?

Oh well.

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