Ah, home. Alone. With my laptop, my music...and this blog. Enfin...

Tonight I passed up a last minute pre-Passover party in favor of some R&R at home--hopefully to get back on track*--and in hopes of contact with a certain someone.

[*Recently I've been getting quite minimal amounts of sleep, going to bed as it gets light...etc. I've become a vampire!]

To say my last couple days have been physically and emotionally turbulent would be an understatement. I've been riding those emotional highs...waaaay high, those lows waaaay low--too much analysis, lots of exercise (but still not enough) and a disturbing lack of sleep.

Jack is over. And now we've entered a new era. The era of post-Jack...where, much like the modern world, one must deal (aborder--sums it up a bit better) with the differences in cultures, nationalities and religions of people. I do have to admit that in a slightly buzzed state I did have a moment where I really wanted to call Jack, but quickly realized that was a bad idea and would greatly prefer talking to someone else instead.

Now, who is this person I keep referring to, might you ask. Surely not the Italian. No way. For now we'll say someone else. I shall likely explain myself and all the mysteriousness later.

Anyway, after an amazing time last night at a local bar with a friend and the hour walk home...I finally got home...then on the phone...and went to bed at 8:33 a.m.! Damn I'm gonna hate lookin at my phone bill at the end of this month. Though it's very worth it.

Well, German guy was getting back into town a day earlier to hang out before my trip. Who's German guy? A really cool friend--sign language interpretor!--who stayed in Paris for about a week a couple weeks ago...we hung out five or six times while he was here, he crashed at my place a couple nights, and his last night. We saw a play, went out for dinner, to a party and to a bar...I also dragged him along with me on my errands (he was quite helpful about carrying things...).

The first day he was here I was speaking with my dad on the phone about some family issues...and he was "sleeping." After I got off the call with my dad, German guy looks over at me with huge compassionate eyes...comes over and says that he couldn't help overhearing the conversation and asked to give me a hug. Then we talked about things...he was really really sensitive and helpful. I immediately felt really close to him and comfortable with him. It was nice.

The second night he was here we went to a party of a friend of mine's...it was basically a huge male to female ratio...many more males then females. Basically me and another blonde girl. (That's where I met Italian guy.)...Anyway, German guy at one point in the party came over to me and gave me a hug and said..."You know...I don't like blondes"...which I, of course, shrugged off. What does one say...the awkward moment passed. Later on while sitting on the futon with a bunch of people talking, German guy told me the room was segregated between those who like brunettes (on the couch)...and those who like blondes (standing and talking...)--because you "have to do more work for blondes"...hmmm...

(skip over other days which include more going out and a theater

The last night he was in Paris before going to Hamburg to visit his grandparents...we went out to one of my favorite bars and just hung out and talked. We talk a lot about books, which is really nice. Then afterwards, on our way to another bar we spontaneously decided to stop by a hole-in-the-wall Vietnamese restaurant and eat something. We shared a meal and a mini-bottle of wine...and talked about our families, their issues again...When I spoke about my situation he was so receptive and affected...his eyes were all red and watery-ish...I felt really touched. We walked back to my place and he crashed on the floor and then left the next morning to go back to Germany for the last two weeks.

While he was in Germany he sent me an email asking me to go to another play when he gets back, then telling me he bought the book I suggested and had started reading...then sent me some of his thoughts on the book as well as some other reading suggestions...said he wanted to hear my thoughts/discuss it with me. Then a final email announcing his nearing arrival...heh.

Anyway, flash forward to this morning, he arrived in Paris at 9 a.m....I went to bed at 8:33 a.m. Of course I missed his text. No worries though...I woke up to his phone calls at approximately 1:30 p.m., felt really badly about missing his sms and wasting the day, and also a little apprehensive about all the tasks that lay ahead of me before 7 p.m. Well, anyway, he was coming over. I dragged my weary body out of bed and made myself slightly presentable, i.e. washed face and put on comfortable pants over my boxer shorts (which I wear as regular shorts to sleep in, not underwear...just thought I'd make that clear). Then started on cleaning up my place in said pjs. Yeah, I really don't care what state people see me in. Well...most.

The German guy arrived, dumped his stuff in my hallway, and watched me clean--or rather, distracted me from cleaning, which I had almost finished...by showing me a huge mountain of books he had brought with him, a couple that I could borrow (I'd finished the last one he lent me)...one of which would help me "understand him more" (or so he said)--a comedic book on Germans. lol. Then I went downstairs and got myself a quick lunch. We hung out a bit more and chatted, then I grabbed my stuff together...laundry time! German guy, kind person that he is, accompanied me on my laundry duty (with me in my pjs still--so not Parisian). While the laundry was going we played chess in the laundromat, I kicked his arse a couple times, then we just talked...walked over to a local cheap market and then a small hidden "erotic" bookstore. Tittilating. I was the only girl in the store. Heh.

Then back to the laundromat. I had to fold my laundry. Now, the hardest thing is trying to fold laundry, which includes certain unmentionables...in front of somebody else. German guy, being the helpful guy he is, tried to lend me a hand...but when it started getting a little too "personal," conversation flow became a little more haggard and he eventually stopped while I quickly finished up the folding. Yes, I fold everything.

Anyway, German guy mentioned he might burn me some music...yay! We went back to my apartment, he grabbed his stuff, but left his sack full of books to come back for later (he always leaves something here, so it seems)...and then skiddadled...saying he'd either see me tonight or tomorrow, depending on whether or not I went to that party.

After he left I quickly worked out, changed to go to synagogue...then after services was invited to a great dinner, met this wonderful Chinese girl who knows a really good Chinese restaurant in Paris (in a couple weeks will eat there...dammit)...and we exchanged info.

And that's a wrap.

Yeah, boring blog post this time. Too much crap happening. Can't organize thoughts. So just verbally vomited them upon this page (hey, at least I avoided the "diarrhea metaphor"...oops).

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