I shall call this blog entry:

"The Power of a Picture" AKA "Male B.S. in Action"

So I am part of a travelling network, and on this network we have profiles, and on these profiles we include information that will allow people to contact us--in this case msn, aim messenger screen names, etc.

Anyway, I'm used to random guys IMming me and saying, "hello...can you send me your picture?"

Which pisses me off on many levels:

1) I have a picture on the stupid site.
2) Who are they?

Okay, well today, I got another msn message, except this person had already seen my picture, and well, apparently my msn photo sent them over the edge--I mean, like, the mental edge.

Exhibit A:

African weirdo (from Tanzania): hello!
Me: hey!
Weirdo: you have nice picture
Me: thanks
Weirdo: i'm working tour guide for safari national parks in east africa
Me: wow
Weirdo: are you student or?
Me: yep a student
Weirdo: you] are really woman
Me: huh?
Weirdo: i can't see woman like you
Me: what do u mean?
Weirdo: you know i saw many ladies for my job,they not beautiful like you
Me: haha
Me: thanks
Weirdo: you have magic body for this world
Weirdo: i 'd like to hear your voice it's oke if you send to me cell number phone?
Me: ah, everything's on the site.
Weirdo: i didn't see?ok i will check agin
Weirdo: you know i 'd like to call you are queen it's ok?
Me: uhhhk
Weirdo: yes,i'm enjoying a lot with you for chating
Me: thx
Weirdo: you have poster address?i 'd like to send magic present for you
Me: magic present?
Weirdo: yes,from magic country
Me: maybe later...
Weirdo: Thnx a lot my queen
Weirdo: you will see soon magic present
Weirdo: helloooooooooooooo/
Me: hey
Me: sorry i was on the phone
Weirdo: i will try to call you later it's ok?
Me: okk
Weirdo: really my dear
Weirdo: you have nice name like your body
Weirdo: helloooo?
Me: hey
Weirdo: you don't like to chat with me?
Me: why? we're chatting right now
Weirdo: b'se you stay long time no reply
Weirdo: you know now i'm crazy for you
Me: you don't even know me tho...
Me: sorry, i'm also trying to clean up a little, and reading some news
Weirdo: i must call you later to hear your voice from queen in the world
Me: haha
Weirdo: really tami
Weirdo: (F)for you
chrisworny: i feel happy to send like this for you
chrisworny: i 'd like to give you new name it's okey?
Me: what name?
Weirdo: i 'd like to call you: my queen heart
Weirdo: you know i will send to you my picture for you my heart ok
Weirdo: i hope i will enjoy if i will be together with you for my life
Me: okiedoke
Me: ...?
Me: but u barely know me!
Weirdo: you are really queen for my life
Weirdo: what you mean doke?
Tami: it's just a saying, "okiedokie"--means, "okay"
Weirdo: thank a lot if you agree to be with me,my dear heart
Me: i don't know you...
Me: sorry i can't
chrisworny: you will know me the time we will going on for chating and to send a card for you,and then you will know me and you will beliave me how can love you don't worry my dear heart
Me: ...uh...okay
Weirdo: but now be happy for me like your boyfriend me too like my girlfriend ok tami?
Me: what do you mean? sorry, didn't understand...
Weirdo: i mean that from today i will know have my queen girlfriend
Weirdo: hellooo!
Weirdo: why you put voice mail your phone?
Weirdo: i leave now i will see you tomorrow again or?
Weirdo: heyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy my heart
Me: hey, sorry
Me: i was on the phone
Weirdo: you are really queen,you have nice and sweety voice,i miss you and love you sana,
Weirdo: okey my girlfriend i leave now i 'd like to see agin tomorrow like today oke see you
Weirdo: your boyfriend chrisworny
Weirdo: god bless you all your life and i hope i will see you soon.
Me: okay, bye
Weirdo: but i will call you soon agin to talk more okey
Weirdo: (L)(K)(L)(K)for you byeeeeeeeeeee my love.
*** "Weirdo" signed off at Mon Apr 25 18:25:58 2005.

On this guy's profile he has joined a group for Women Travellers...not for the same reasons women joined, obviously...crreeeepy.

So, anyway, as you can probably tell, he also called me, twice.

First call on my cell:

Him: Hello my queen heart...you really are my love.
Me: Uhh...Hi.
Him: I'm going to go buy another card, credit to call you...I'll call you back in 20 minutes my queen, queen of my heart. Heart queen...love, queen of my heart...
Me: Okay, bye.
Him: Twenty minutes queen! I crazy for you.
Me: *Click*

Second call:

Him: Helloooo, my love in my life...!
Me: Uh..hello...isn't it expe...
Him: You know this day is very good...I really enjoy it, I'm looove you...
Me: Um....'kay, but you don't even know me...
Him: I will call you more...you will know me...and tomorrow? You will be online around same time?
Me: Ummm...well...I'm leaving the country, for the UK tomorrow so I'll probably be on a flight and not really available...[ed. note: This is true! Even though it sounds like one of those lies...]
Him: Well then I'll send you the magic package and my photo...you send me too? Your photo?

[The dreaded photo question...]

Me: Okiedoke! (<--yeah right) Well I'm just about to head out...
Him: Okay...I love you...I never known a woman like you...
Me: You don't know me!
Him: But I am talking to you now...
Me: Well, I really gotta get going.
Him:...and I love you so much...be my queen, won't you be my queen?
Me: Okay, bye bye.
Him: ...love...Oh, bye. I love you!
Me: Bye.
Him: [I hear as I put the phone away from my ear to hang up.] I loooooove youuu...looooove youuu....

Maybe I should take my screen names down.

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