On the way back home last night we took a taxi. Now, what is it with weird taxi drivers and their idiosyncrasies...

This guy was 45 years old, drove fast as a bullet, except in traffic. As we dodged through traffic and human bodies went running out of our way...some other car was backing up traffic...right into our cab. Yep, a minor accident. The French driver cussed at the other guy, but didn't even get out of the cab, just hit his steering wheel, and off we zoomed again.


Well, after my friend got outta the car, that's when it got more interesting.

This French guy was very disgruntled. To put it mildly. He was pissed with the French. Basically calling them every bad name known to man, criticizing them worse than red-neck hick Americans (in stereotype world, that is).

I didn't know what to say...trying to be diplomatic. But, I felt badly agreeing with him. I thought, HEY! Dammit! I live here now...let me be happy.

"France is a beautiful country...but there are just too many French people."

I had to laugh at that one. But, really, I have met some great people here too. I mean, they're not that bad.

Was there some role reversal going on here, or what? Opposite day?

"My greatest regret--I was in the states when I was 24, 25 years old...I should have stayed there instead of coming back to France."

Man. Oh man.

"France is going to hell"--and more of that tenor.

I felt sort of inclined to defend the French after all he said.

Then we started to talk about Internet companies...and that emotion went out the window.

For those of you who know about my Internet experience here in Paris, it's been anything but pleasant. In fact, I'll say, without being dramatic or hyperbolic here, that it's brought me to near emotional collapse, a nervous breakdown and depression. (YES, I depend way too much on my Internet. But at least I admit this. You others, you know the truth. Don't deny it!)

Anyway, I finally got myself a real company. The Internet guy came to me on a Saturday! Then he set up the appointment to install it, for free...then called to confirm the appointment. The technicians showed up. On time. It worked when they installed it. Then after they left, I got another call making sure everything was working properly. Okay, so it's only been 2 weeks...but hey! I have Internet!

I then called my other company to get my money back...yelled at them a bit. I will call in a couple days to cancel after I make sure I get/am getting my money back. (Evil? Tricky? Nono...Smart These bastards will take you for everything you're worth! Although...that's not much these days...).

So, I told the taxi driver about this company. The kicker of it all is that the Internet worker guy told me that the company is a lot better now because an American company just bought it like a year ago, and made some serious changes. Ironic, no?

I finally got out of that cab...the driver is gonna change his Internet companies.

Stumbled to the door of my apartment building...three Koreans pressed against the windows of the gated door, staring at me...exhausted looking. Damn.

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