You know what is wonderful?

Having two weeks of work wiped out because of a stupid glitch in your computer. No one else's. Yours.

I'm so furious I cannot possibly type harder than I am right now.

I absolutely despise unreliable computers. This is why I save my files compulsively. Compulsively. But obviously this isn’t enough. Obviously I need to start emailing every damn document to myself, to multiple emails (because G-d knows when their servers won’t work or something will be lost in cyberspace).


I didn’t need more pressure here. Yesterday I missed deadline for the first time in my G-d forsaken life. Sure, it wasn’t really my fault. Sure, the meeting dragged on and I got out of there way too late.

But other people made it.

Sure, they had their blackberries and their laptops. Sure, they’re all more experienced and perfectly bilingual in that whole French business lingo thing. Sure, I’m only a stupid summer intern. But I sure felt like shit. And my head ached. Like hell. From all the concentration.

Now, this other long-term article I’ve been working on was supposed to get finished up this week. Over the last week I had worked quite diligently on it, interviewing lots of people, obsessively saving my notes on my computer from those hour-long phone conversations.

And now they are gone.


The tech guy was absolutely NO help. None at all. In fact, he seemed somewhat amused, and tried blaming me for what happened.

For the record let me state what happened. Exactly. As. It. Happened.

I simply tried opening my document, as I have done every other day these last couple weeks…and it didn’t open.

This damn office computer I have here hates me for some reason. It had a hoard of viruses and spyware on it. That last intern here, I’m sure, downloaded all that crap. Half of it was random porn viruses. Random Latina women would constantly be popping up on my computer when I left. So I finally called the tech guy and got that cleared up. But the computer functions at half speed, constantly crashes, and cannot play any media—so I must drain the batteries from my discman during office hours if I want any music.

I cannot work under such conditions. I need a reliable computer. How do I know this won't happen again? And again, and again. Knowing my luck, it probably will.

Now I must go back to those people I spoke with and explain to them that I need to re-interview them. Even though they’re in tons of different time zones and went out of the way to accommodate me before.

The height of professionalism. Isn’t it!?

I am so frustrated. So. Damn. Frustrated. I have half a mind to leave the office right now and just call it a day.

My productivity is currently shit and won’t be much anyway today. Three weeks, and what do I have to show for it all? Missed deadline, screwed computer, botched interviews…

Maybe I’m really not meant to be a journalist after all. Perhaps it’s all a sign. G-d knows I’ve thought this way too often these last couple weeks. Oh, and I’m sure my editors will love listening to my numerous problems…doesn’t it just scream incompetent.

I’m going home to have my nervous breakdown.


I come back to add a missing apostrophe to else's, and guess what happens here.

Blogger Problem

This server is currently experiencing a problem. An engineer has been notified and will investigate.

Status code: 1-500-139

Please visit the Blogger status page or the Blogger Knowledge Base for further assistance.

That. Is. IT.

Somebody up there must enjoy laughing at me.

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