I am in such a bad mood right now. I'm almost squirming with the desire to burst, punch someone or throw a tantrum à la two year old.

These days start of innocently enough, but my threshold level for dealing with other people's shit is very low.

Last night I got back home, immediatley had a house meeting, then had to clean the kitchen for a couple hours, then did laundry, then looked over work before collapsing in my room. This morning, I wake up to...what?...Oh yes, a very kind email exclaiming at the inadequacy of my cleaning job.

"LYLT... even though you cleaned the floor.. what about the other parts of the chore? microwave? toaster? last semester you were one of the best cleaners at the house.. what happened?

My response?

"Shut up ****. I cleaned for more that kitchen for a couple hours and I wiped down the floor four times with 409 and Comet (and had NO towels to do it with)...

If you saw the kitchen when **** was there with me, you'd know what I'd done. That includes washing a number of dishes that weren't my own, wiping down the counters with comet, putting away a lot of things that were out in the wrong places, cleaning up people's dinners...sweeping the floor that dinner people were supposed to clean as well as that compost pile.

THAT is what I did.

Now, I'm sure I may have forgotten things...and since it's early and I'm tired...let me just say...

a *simple* "LYLT, please remember you have to do the microwave and toaster too"...would be sufficient.

Thanks, and screw you.


Oh, and they'll be done asap."

I could have been more pleasant. But I was pissed off and it was freaking early.

Then, I get back home this morning, hoping to take a shower...I get into the bathroom, turn on the radio, turn on the water...and hear a knocking on the door.

I ignore it. I know what that annoying knock means. They want me to turn it down. It's the middle of the freaking day for G-d's sake! Plus, I always have to deal with everybody else's noise...but, somehow, everyone else gets such sweet consideration, huh? F*ck them.

So, I'm in the shower and the knocking continues. "I'm trying to work..."

Now, the radio is not that loud. In fact, this person used the shower before me and I left the volume on the exact same volume as they had been using. Talk about hypocrisy. This is what I mean.

Anyway, I lower the damn thing. Get out and say, "Sorry, I didn't realize it was so loud, I left it on what it was one previously..." (in an attempted passive-aggressive point)...

"Well, I didn't mean turn it lower, I meant turn it off...I really have to concentrate on this..."

Now here's a little more background. Music is one of the few things (along with food and exercise) that make my life bearable most of the time. In the shower it is a necessity for me. Also...one last tidbit. My showers are almost never longer than five minutes...even if I tried, it's hard to make them longer than that.

I am almost positive she wastes more than five minutes of her time doing something else a day. I have no patience for such hypocrisy. Next time I'll shut it off and just sing at the top of my lungs.

Screw everyone.

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