A little more about my neighborhood.

Basically, it's one of the poorest in Brussels, but I really like it thus far. Lots and lots of immigrants. My friend said if you walked around and closed your eyes and then opened them again, you could imagine yourself in a neighborhood in Tunisia or any other Arabic country. Often, I am the only girl out in the street without a head covering (and almost every other covering on)...

There is a small square near the corner of my street where old men sit and talk, mothers walk their babies in strollers and errant boys run around...often they're playing "football" all over, in the streets, on the sidewalk...

The cafes on the sidewalks are full of men arguing, laughing or talking to each other in Arabic. And let's not forget the abundance of "kebab" places.

Today the streets were full of BBQ smoke as people took their wares out onto the streets and constructed mini-patios because the weather is so nice.

I happily and blasphemously walked through, back from the gym, in my shorts and tee-shirt. Ah but it's a nice day. Now I must shower. Toodles.

A belated note: I live near "L'Institute de la Sagesse" (Institue of Wisdom), which I found quite hilarious. I mean, seriously, it's right around the corner.

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