The ongoing saga...

Continues. With no end in sight.

Why is it that parents feel like they have a right to get others involved in their squabbling. For all the cliche talk of not involving the kids or not being anyone's fault...that BS seems to fly out the window when communication breaks down.

What did I expect anyway.

Experiences like this make me waver to the extremes of possible responses. But I'll try and contain myself and maintain a distance from all the shit that seems to be hitting the fan.

Frankly, at this point, I'd rather be broke and pay the money myself. What else do I have to lose. And since when did money equate happiness? Doesn't getting past the drama and beyond the day-to-day quibbles matter at all?

If I were my sister, I'd try and graduate as quickly as possible. Thank the Lord you have only one year left. Get independent and get out quickly--word of advice from your older sister.

Sorry, but it's true.

That feeling of family being home, or rather, home being family? Whoever invented such a concept surely lived an idyllic life of sorts. The concept of family is as vague and idealistic as the concept of a home.

I have an apartment, and I have an estranged mother and father who gave birth to me.

At this point, the only home I truly have is my work. That is where I feel most myself and most energized and validated in life.

Is this sad? I think so.

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