1, 2, 3...awkward!

And I crown this weekend, the weekend of awkward. Not relative to anything else. Just awkward.

As I was driving back to my place to meet Jim who was visiting for the weekend, with less than pure intentions (him, not me), I got a text message from Jack. Yes, him. Probably with less than pure intentions as well, but not in the good way.

"In la. :)"

That's all it said. Now, let the record state, he actually lives in Philly. In Pennsylvania. The state where all evil people go to die, or something like that. Just kidding. There are a lot of good people there too! (Amy)...I find it interesting that almost every person of consequence to me is in PA. What's up with that state? But I digress.

Anyway, so, I'm kinda stunned. As you can imagine. I text back my reaction, "What?"...and leave it at that. So much for focusing on Jim and figuring stuff out. I swear that guy [Jack] has a knack for knowing these sorts of things.

Ever since Jim and I had been talking more seriously, as in frequency, as opposed to topic matter--Jack had started randomly popping up online. A couple days before he landed in LA, he'd sent me some gmail chat messages: "packing," etc. How was I to know he'd arrive here?

Then, the next day, me feeling bad about my abrupt response to his arrival text, text him back. And there ensues an all-day, semi-periodic text conversation, which is ended by me calling him (figuratively speaking) on his scaredy-cat or, rather, I dunno what, tactics. What's with the text messaging obsessed, anti-phone call issue? I of course send that in a text. Why should I call him when he's the one that's been scared of the phone ever since we finally broke things off last April.

And no, we didn't meet up while he was in LA. After that comment by me about his lack of phone-callingness, we stopped texting. Or rather, he stopped texting. Sometimes I find it all too frustrating. What's he after? I wonder if a long email explaining my annoyance/frustration would do? I doubt it.

Meanwhile, my feelings for Jim have kind of cooled, I'm not sure if it's because I'm analyzing things too much, or Jack just took the air out of my tires. Maybe things weren't that hot to begin with. Hm.

In any case, I have a great distraction. Work. Today was a 13 hour day...and tomorrow I'm back out at 7:45 a.m. But I can't deny that I enjoy my work. I find it fun.

Yay to workaholism. Nay to successful and happy personal/family lives.

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Amy said...

Ahem. Thank you (where all evil people go to die indeed!) :P

Wow, that was very awkward. What the dealio.