Just what I needed.

"Dear LYLT,

How are you doing? Is life good for you right now? You must be excited about graduate school--I wonder where you're going. Well right now I'm still 17...I recently got into a car crash that completely overturned my life....

...Don't lose touch with old friends. Keep in touch with family, cousins, too!...I haven't been feeling very well as of late. I think it's a mixture of sadness, depression and anxiety.

...You know, LYLT, that whatever you do you will be successful, it's not about the money. Don't rush too fast--but focus on what you want and don't be sidelined. Journalism or medicine--whatever you like. You know that I will always be there for you and proud of you. Take good care of yourself--don't be reckless, you only live once (from both aspects)--take risks, but don't endanger your life. I wish you all the luck--don't get burned out. Have a high ethical standard. Remember the political battle in journalism over editor-in-chief? Stick with it--do not get discouraged. You will prevail in the end. Don't forget birthdays....LYLT, don't isolate yourself--but also don't be lazy. You need to work hard and play hard. Manage your time--read the newspaper and don't forget to vote.

...LYLT, don't let things pull you down too much--and don't believe everything people tell you...Sometimes, I hate my life. I mean I wish I were someone else. I have a horrible headache and I feel like nothing. Do you feel that way? Live a meaningful life, take advantage of joys and take care of number one. LYLT, I know it's weird to say this, but if you ever need to hear it or if you're feeling badly--having a hard time--I love you and I want you to be happy, healthy, live forever and be prosperous. Also, don't get involved in drugs or alcohol--it's a long and nasty road. Anyway, Mr. C is retiring this year. I'm back home listening to "Something in the way she moves" by the Beatles. Right now I really like John Mayer. The Lakers are playing in the finals against the NJ Nets. I know this is a sucky way to end. But, I may end up writing forever if I don't. Just remember, LYLT, you are your own person--you don't need other people to make you or make you feel happy. Be your own person, your own ego boost. Stick up for what you want and go get it. It may be hard. But believe in yourself. I believe in you.



(received today, excerpts of a letter written to myself as a senior in high school, five years ago 6/12/02)

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cp22 said...

Wow...I like your hs senior self :-) Funny how life turns out, eh?