Just "i."

I wish I did this more to make this matter.

How many times have I appealed for someone to talk to about things, for someone I could be brutally and frankly honest with (even if I am, well, LYLT).

Granted, I am less than lucid while writing this, but there are so many things I have wished and hoped for myself...and so many things that I have found myself disappointed about. I don't know if it's better that I learn this now...and that I have time to "bounce back" and recover (forgive the cliche)...

Or, if it would be better to not live through any of this at all. Not live at all.

Don't answer that. I say to myself.

There's that song out there..."Stronger" or something with that in the title, that says what doesn't kill you makes you stronger. Though we all knew that all along, didn't we? I mean, we're still alive, aren't we?

That being, the royal "We"...

And yet, it's still just "i."

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cp22 said...

I'm going to see you in 1.5 weeks! AAAAAAAAA!

*jumps up and down*