There's a certain kind of loneliness. A certain kind of solitude, which springs not out of desperation, but out of resignation. There's a certain kind of sadness that gnaws at you, much like that loneliness. But it's worse now. Because unlike other times, when there was a naive desperation, a sort of misunderstanding of what it all meant; there is knowledge now of what it means to be alone. Completely. and. utterly. alone. It is not a choice, necessarily, but a condition--a characteristic, a situation, a reason...

Self-dependence, self-reliance are such important terms, not only for life and living, but for enjoying said life and living. No wonder Ralph Waldo Emerson was so well liked, or is so well liked (at the very least)...he allowed one to validate, ignore, or rationalize solitude and loneliness. I am self-reliant, one could say. Or, I am practicing self reliance.

No, you're just a loser with no friends.

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Anonymous said...

No, you're not "just a loser with no friends."

Call me when you return to the States, yo.