Okay, so...maybe I have been sounding a bit pessimistic lately. I mean, when i'm back at Berkeley...

possible reasons? the weather, though not that bad; my impossible sleeping habits, which aren't really habits at all and most likely just a basic inability to sleep; dangerous stress levels; too much work; dangerous stress levels...

you get my drift.

so, let me sum it up for you. sum up everything. or rather, let me explicate--

My friend once told me i was too optimistic, too idealistic--for a while i tried & was pretty good at being exactly the opposite--too pessimistic.

i'm trying to work the balance now, though it's hard. when conditions above ruin my emotional equilibirum (damn chemistry!) then i resort to the latter view of life.
But, as my little quiz attests (below), the cup is neiter half empty nor half full, it totally depends.

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