Yet another quiz...

Your Name- duh! it's on the damn site!
Nicknames- freak, punk, dork, idiot, weirdo, retard...& other such derogatory terms...
Birthday- 10/11/84

~*HAVE YOU??*~
Been kissed? Maybe
Eaten an entire box of Oreos? Nope, though I got close
Been on stage? Yep
Gotten in a car accident? Unfortunately
Death Valley on horseback? Not yet...
Stayed home? Uh...yeah...hasn't everyone?
Made homemade fudge? I will.
Seen the Eiffel Tower? Soon...


Shampoo: Ummm...I like the Australian stuff i have now.
Soap: Dove gel
Color: Blue
Day: Friday
Night: Thursday Night, after work
Band: Coldplay
Season: Autumn
Commercial: The beer commercial with the doggy who looks like that guy's hairstyle & then growls at some lady...

Do you have a boyfriend/girlfriend? nope.
Do you have a crush on someone: uh huh
Do you have a best friend? Yes.

Do you rank your speed dial in order of your favorite friends? Nope, just #s I woud equate a person with
Who's your funniest friend? hmm...
Who do you go to the mall with the most? what's a mall?
Who do you e-mail the most? um...lotsa ppl about the same, im obsessive about email.

Cried? yes
Eaten fluff? what's fluff?
Helped someone? yeah
Bought something? yep.
Dissected something? yeah, a candy bar.
Cut your hair? no
Worn a skirt? nope.
Worn a tie? uhh...no...
Been mean? if someone was mean to me.
Been sarcastic? nothing outta the ordinary.
Gone for a walk? around campus,etc...
Gone on a run? no...=(
Gone to the movies? no =*(
Gone out for dinner? no....
Been kissed? nope
Felt stupid? probably
Said "I love you"? nope
Written a letter? yeah
Written a paper? nope
Taken a test? nope
Met someone new? yeah
Moved on? yeah
Written in a journal? duh!
Watched your favorite movie? no
Talked to someone you have a crush on? yep
Given someone a present? does food count?
Missed someone? yea
Hugged someone? yea
Had a nightmare? no...couldn't really sleep.
Fought with your parents? nope
Fought with a friend? yea
Been Scared? yea

Ate a meal? this evening
What are you wearing right now? a bit risque of a question, huh? i'm wearing a tee-shirt, sweats & u know the rest.
Are you tired? perpetually.
Are you lonely? usually.
Are you happy? occasionally.
Are you wearing pajamas? um..u already know what i'm wearing...my sweats are pj sweats...
Are you hungry? always
Are you eating? snacking
Are you talking to someone online? yeah
Are you ready for this survey to end? sure, y not.
How long did this survey take you? i dunno, i'm also watching smallville.
*Do you want all your friends to do this and send back? you better.



Type of sandwich: Free Speech Movement Cafe...their chicken sandwhich...i forget the name, the one w/ avocado...yum yum
Pizza: pineapple & cheese
Coffee or hot chocolate? hot cocoa
Cold or hot? steaming hot
Big or little? gi-normous
Lace or satin? satin
Red or blue? blue
New or old? new, unless there is some sentimental value...then old...
Here or there? Right here!

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