Okay, so, one thing has really really realllllly been bothering me lately. It's become a huge peeve &...

i can't take it anymore!!! *throws hands up in the air*

here goes......when i go into the RSF locker room for judo on tues./thurs. mornings...there's this girl there, right next to my locker. now, fine, whatever, i understand she needs to use the locker...But...i really need my space...& she does not compromise one bit. i guess b/c she knows she is grossing me out & i'll be the one to compromise. let me elaborate.

i walk in and see her standing there in either her underwear or swim wear, i can't really tell b/c they look exactly the same. *gags*
i have to go w/in an inch of her to open my locker, which she is standing right over. (i hold my breath, cuz she smells odd)

I open my locker & get dressed quickly...usually i'm late for class...so i'm rushing.

Now...let me give u a quick visual of the locker room. you walk in, & look left...& there you would see my locker, no obstacles no nothing in sight. plain view. this is why i change not facing the doorway.

okay, so, usually she is getting ready to go swimming...when i'm on my way to class. when i get back...AUGH...the horror, the horror...she's there! only this time, she has a towel wrapped around her already. *oh...no....*

So, I rush over to my locker, so i can get there b4 she starts changing. Now, my first aquaintance w/ her was traumatic. i was trying to get my stuff out of the locker when she drops her towel. *NOT a good sight there*--not only that, but she's leaning over me while i'm opening my locker!!! Ewwwwwww...

I then try to get her to move away, perhaps she's embarassed, or something, huh? i pretend like i'm gonna start changing...but, that doesn't seem to bother her one bit. she remains standing an inch or two away from me...this complete stranger...stark naked!!!

so, that was enough for me...i grab my stuff & i take it all the way down the bench so that i'm nowhere near her. the only problem? if i wanna avoid her unpleasant sight (and trust me, it's unpleasant), i have to face the damn door while i'm changing. --sacrifices, sacrifices... *sigh*

This is what I got through almost every Tues & Thurs.

And ppl ask me why I'm stressed...

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