Today, or actually yesterday, was one of the longest days EVER...i mean, it didn't really end until today...in fact! it's still going on as i speak/type!!! Neway, my legs hurt...from all the walking & stuff I did today. =( One good thing...towel girl wasn't there today. But, in judo class, I was paired by "tournament girl"--who did all these wacky moves on me while sparring. She got way too into it at one point and bascially punched me in the mouth...twice...i now feel like one of those prize fighters w/ the bit of blood at the corner of my mouth. hopefully it'll go away quickly or get washed off or something! it's a little odd looking right now. You know what else really bothers me? besides towel girl... or actually, what really puzzles me--i got one of these bags of "health items"...why do ppl always put condoms in the same bag as candy...or rather, candy in the same bag as condoms when they're passing them out! What is the connection?!?! Anyway, enough of a non-sequiter...

anyway, yeah, so this thursday night was not as relaxing as i would have liked. i have a whole lot of hw that i have not done yet. meaning, i will have to do it all over the weekend.

Here's the line up--the basic one...for now:

Chem Lab/reading/hw/quiz/prelab (b/c i never have time during the week)
English reading/paper corrections/new paper/post/arrange office hours
Poli Sci reading--LOTS of reading.
oh yeah, i have to write something too.
Now...each of these things will take a couple hours, if i work quickly. AAAUGH! Talk about stressing. I need a vacation.

So, I took this quiz. Gave myself a minute vacation b4 starting my hw...now.

Which tarot card are you?

I was hoping for something more interesting. How depressing.

Then I took this...later...


Which Tarot Suit Are You?
brought to you by Quizilla

A little better.

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