the true sign of a workaholic...you start dreaming about work....AUGH!!!
I mean, seriously, I had a dream that ppl from work were monitoring me or something & that i had expressed all my political & religious views and suddenly R. shows up & he's like...i heard everything...AAAAAHHHHH!
then i woke up all anxious & scared...*whimpers*
this reminds me of that episode in alias where Will dreams he reveals to Francie that he and Sidney works for the CIA...then he wakes up all scared too!
however, little does he know that Francie has been hypnotizing him and getting all this info from him every night...augh...ppl better not being doing that to me!

what else?

in other news...i guess i didn't learn anything from relay for life it seems. i'm doing run for life this saturday. i'm soo excited! yay! (it better not rain, damn it!)

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