Today was a long, tiring day...and i fear tomorrow will be worse. in fact, i know it will...

but, enough of that, lemme tell you about a particular incident that really annoyed me today.
i'm at the DC and I'm trying to be nice to this girl I work w/...let's call her K., suddenly, just outta the blue she gives me a pretentious look and in an accusatory tone says "how old is that shirt?"

now, the shirt she is referencing is one of my favorites: my pocahontas shirt. for those of you who know me, you know how dear & near it is to my heart...
i just stare at K. for a second, remembering why I usually avoid speaking with her, and then stutter through an answer.

"uh...it's uh..."

now, you would think someone w/ manners would wait for me to finish. but no...she had to help me out. how kind!

"what, is it from 1995?" K. said.

"No..." I said...staring at her incredulously.

"1994?" K. had to audacity to continue...was she trying to insult me? perhaps humiliate me? hmmm...it may be hard to tell.

I mean, 1994????????? No. my shirt is not that old. it may be old, but not THAT old. I have grown. just a little...actually, i was 4 feet 7 inches in fourth grade. so I grew more than a foot. I was very offended. anyway...

this sorta reminds me of the time I was wearing my middle school (8th) grade sweatshirt and i was a 9th grader. my sophomore friend gave me a look of disgust and said, "you're in high school now, you don't wear those sorts of things"---*rummages around & picks up a black sweater*---needless to say, i have it right here and i still wear it now.

you see, i think older clothing, especially things like t-shirts and sweatshirts, which never go out of style, are the best sorts of clothes to wear. they have the memories, they're comfy--and after all, you bought it at one time. let's face it, some of us...(ME)...are just too cheap to constantly buy brand new-tshirts and sweatshirts every year.

btw...if you were wondering...i think the pocahontas t-shirt is from 8th grade.

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