Tonight was the night for crazy convo. Here is a sample of the craziness that occurred while i was waiting for data to finish my lab...

first let's get to the news...this guy was very psyched up about ASUC elections tomorrow. (the dork...j/k j/k!)

Dork*: LaFata!
Dork: I love that guy so much
Dork: I want him to win
Dork: I never really care deep down in side
Dork: inside
Dork: but I do for him
lesyeuxdelatete: ewww
Dork: I REALLY want him to win
lesyeuxdelatete: LOL
lesyeuxdelatete: what about heather?
lexyeuxdelatete: she musn't know
lexyeuxdelatete: ;-)
Dork: he will be mine!

*DISCLAIMER: dork meant in a good way...were you drinking??? haha, just kidding.

Now, this is my convo with my roommate. I think i'm gonna pay some psychologist to analyze this convo...there must be some sorta symbolism in it.

killerroommate: what is your prob?
lesyeuxdelatete: what's urs u motha &)$#@*&$*@(&
killerroommate: ah!
lesyeuxdelatete: ah ha!
killerroommate: let's not start
lesyeuxdelatete: let's not stop!
killerroommate: porque si tu comienzas yo termino
lesyeuxdelatete: blahblahblah
lesyeuxdelatete: *()!@$&)(&$(*&!@(*63*&!^*&#(@!
killerroommate: ok.........
killerroommate: ikxrfiajfxj
lesyeuxdelatete: 890&4230986872386217463q9
lesyeuxdelatete: *takes book, slams it on back of ur head*
killerroommate: takes chair and hits you on the head
lesyeuxdelatete: *gets up, grabs ur leg, flips you upside down, repeatedly smashing you against the floor*
lesyeuxdelatete: *begins to open window*
killerroommate: and then I make you jump out
lesyeuxdelatete: NEVER!
killerroommate: listens for the thump your body will make when it hits the street
lesyeuxdelatete: *shakes you awake from your dream*
lesyeuxdelatete: *pummels you against the wall b/c i can't throw you out the window over your desk, it's too high*
killerroommate: hahahahaha
lesyeuxdelatete: i think this was our first fight
lesyeuxdelatete: aren't you proud?
killerroommate: haha
killerroommate: you are so dumb
lesyeuxdelatete: awww
lesyeuxdelatete: you can't get enuff huh?
lesyeuxdelatete: going for the gangsta look eh?
lesyeuxdelatete: u are below stupidity
killerroommate: whatever
killerroommate: i needs to get me some egumakation
lesyeuxdelatete: vat ze hell?
killerroommate: whatever
lesyeuxdelatete: pshaw
killerroommate: pssssssssssss
lesyeuxdelatete: u know where the bathroom is
killerroommate: ssssssssssss
lesyeuxdelatete: i now hear you doing the sound affects...intentional???
lesyeuxdelatete: i hope not...
killerroommate: whatever
killerroommate: freak

what a nice ending, eh? actually, i'm more of the agressor this time...BUT, for the record, way early this year she tried to throw me out the window of our 6th floor building. I wrote an entry (the one at 11:38 a.m.) on this traumatic experience...

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