somehow, in the interim between childhood and adulthood--or young-adulthood, somewhere in that space between being & feeling like you're in high school and being and feeling like you're in college...i lost my ability to work, my ability to concentrate, my ability to focus, study and learn.

well, maybe not learn...maybe it's brain overload or maybe i'm just way too jaded for our educational system. but i feel like it's all just one big game against "the" system. you know what system that is--the one where the person with connections gets ahead, networking, networking my friends.

I don't know why I can't work--what's worse is that i'm under the impression that your GPA is really all that matters post-college. Annoying? Yes. So much goes into that GPA that no one else knows. (in addition to "the" system everyone's trying to get the better of). Is it just me? or does college feel sorta like repeat high school in many ways. i mean, only now everyone knows about the end game. everybody's doubly interested in resume building, etc...b/c they know the importance of it.

Everytime i sit down, I can't concentrate. Maybe I just need some fresh air, maybe i'm overwrought, overworked, overstressed, overoverness.

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