I really can't help it. But, I paid the NYTimes a little visit before starting my homework. As usual...it turned into a looong visit. Anyway, here's my pick of the day: read the editorial. C'mon...you know you want to...This time I'll let it be a surprise...Nawwww...

Here's an excerpt:

American forces reached the outskirts of Baghdad with astonishing speed yesterday, raising hopes that the endgame in the Iraqi conflict may be close at hand. There were signs that both the battle for military supremacy and the battle for acceptance by ordinary Iraqis were proceeding well.

Information about how Iraqi civilians feel was only anecdotal, but there were encouraging vignettes from around the country. As the marines moved toward Baghdad, they were met by a stream of people fleeing from the city before any fighting there might begin. Many gave the thumbs-up signal, thanked the invaders or waved in encouragement.

Outside Basra, a Muslim cleric indicated that the Saddam Hussein supporters controlling the city wished to give up if their lives could be spared. And back in Najaf, one of the most prominent Shiite clerics in the country issued a fatwa instructing Muslims to remain calm and not to oppose the coalition forces. That kind of support from the clergy could greatly ease the maintenance of order and the ability of American and British troops to bring in humanitarian aid.

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