Ah yes, it's been a while. I'm wondering if anyone still checks my site for updates, or if everyone's given up on me...i haven't given up on you! *wink, wink*
It looks like this summer's gonna be pretty darn busy for me. I'm interning at the Pasadena Star-News during the days...and at nights...well...i'm SUPER WOMAN!!!
Naw, just kidding. =)

At nights I'll be taking summer school and selling stuff. Yep, I got another job. I think I might keep it, for now.

OH! I haven't yet proclaimed the fact that I'm driving (again)! AND insured!!! Woopdeedoo!
Yeah, so now those of you who were wondering what i was up to b/c I haven't been posting, (why didn't u just call me and ask?), have gotten the basic basic skeleton of my summer thus far...busy lookin' for cars/insurance, unpacked the night i first arrived (that's my mom for ya!).

DISCLAIMER: lotsa the interesting stuff's left out. after all...w/ all u anonymous ppl running around, i wouldn't want any sensitive information to inadvertently reach my enemies. (MUHAHAHAHA)

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