Wow. The last 23 hours have been interesting.

Catastrophe. (w/ a capital "C")

i decided to do my mountain of laundry today. Guess wat? for the perhaps 100th time my liquid tide exploded. all of it leaked out, my chair, carpet is covered in tide. so i had to borrow some from someone else after scrubbing my room clean and deciding my fabric softener was ruined =*(. Not fun.

THEN, walking back to my room, my sandal (right foot) finally broke. the band thingamajig just broke off. so here i start summer with only one useable sandal! augh, the horror, the horror!!!

so, lemme mention some good stuff, or one particular good thing that was worrying the heck outta me. my chem grade is not completely disastrous...i was able to sorta pull through. now i just have to wait on polisci (please G-d...) and English grades. Here's hoping! =) I also went to this kewl museum free for students today. They have these massage chairs...omg...it's like a real massage, not those fake massage chairs you see in stores. Though i think my chair was made for a larger, stronger, knotier back...afterward i was soooo tired! i almost

My room is slowly getting dark and I think I do need to go grab dinner. I'm awfully tired though I did take a nap. I needa wake up tomorrow and do tons of errands. tons. I already started packing.

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