Thank you to everyone who called/tried to call/or thought about calling to wake me up this morning. I really appreciate it.

I just finished my chem final. by the end of the 3 hours, i just wanted it to END!!! OMG, my 6th hour of testing today!!! I don't know about the exam itself, the beginning sped by...but, the end...was...torture...

So, to backtrack, I woke up this morning and took my English final at 8 a.m. i got there early, yay me!!! my english teacher walked by and patted (is there a past tense to pat?) my head. i hope that transferred some good luck and info... it probably took away some testing time b/c I sat there wondering whether that was a patronizing pat (u know, like master to its dog or watever), a good luck pat, or maybe she was off-balance while walking by and needed my head to lean on momentarily.

i just got a letter from myself that i wrote way back in september, sept. 1, to be exact...i tell myself i believe in me & i also tell myself to eat well. i'm such a mother to myself. =) actually...i'm not. never mind. anyway, it was sort of amusing. i ask a lot of questions. in fact, most of the letter is full of questions about my life. luckily i can answer them all.

i have one more final left. wednesday--political science. got soooo much reading to do for it. i have to do really well on it. gonna go out to dinner w/ my roomie tonight, then study all day tomorrow, hopefully. i cannot repeat my former study habits...unfortunately, my bed is like an inch away from my desk. so...i found myself slowly inching towards my bed while studying yesterday. then i lied down on the bed...then i went under the covers, closed one eye (all the while reading, mind you)...and eventually dozed in and out of sleep while reading. thus, i'd read 15 pages in 15 minutes normally, then fall asleep sporadically while reading the next page...about 30 minutes later continue reading at regular speed...then another hour later finish the next page...augh!!! what's the answer? food.

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