So. Here's what it comes down to. I have tons of reading to do for English--basically all the parts of Paradise Lost for class. I tried pink monkeying it (ah, the guilt...), but it's just not cutting it. I have to ID these passages and write long convincing paragraphs about it as well as make all sorts of odd connections. (did i mention essays?) I can B.S., but not that well...c'mon. Anyway, yeah, in addition to that I also have TONS of political science reading to get done by Wednesday. I know, I know...Wednesday, so I can do it Tuesday, right? i guess....except for the fact that I need to ace it...did i mention that? oh yeah, back to Chem. Today I "studied" chem w/ Namrata. We were pretty successful at first. Quickly going through old midterms...but, when you average our time. We spent about 12 hours doing 3 old midterms, 45 problems each. Where did the time go? Augh...oh well, at least we had fun. (please please let me still think this way after the final). So, now I have one day, ONE day, to either a) finish studying for chem, b) study for English (which is also Monday, mind you), c) start polisci reading...(why on earth?!?!), d) freak out... Any suggestions? how the heck should I prepare? Blah.

Oh and a plea. If anyone is awake at 7:20 a.m. Monday morning, PLEASE WAKE ME UP!. Seriously...call me, bang on my door, jump on my bed...do whatever you want! Just get me awake and out of my bed! I am honestly afraid I will miss my 8 a.m. final and will be setting multiple alarm clocks. But you know how that sleep-walking to turn off/break ur alarm clock(s) thing works. Somebody, anybody...rescue me.

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