Note the time my friends.

Where has the day gone? Half of it was slept away. Seriously. I woke up not too late, lunched, etc...& then demonstrated my addicted net/IM habits for the next couple hours, finally buckled down to start studying. So, I'm studying away, (10 minutes...max)...& i make the inevitable move to the bed--lie down, all comfy-like...& what do you know? I wake up a couple hours later & it's time to go to dinner. Woohoo!


I have 2 finals on MONDAY!!! TWO TWO TWO!!! I am sooo freaked out. I think I'm the best conversation killer there is--I bring up work--ppl start to grimace...
This isn't just now, though, it's a perpetual thing w/ me. Finals just augment my capabilities to conversation kill. I think I need to take myself away from this computer. Even now...I could/should/would be studying, but NO look what i'm doing!!! Woe is me to have seen what i see, see what I see...done...not done...ummm...Shakespeare's not too happy with me. Did anyone follow that? I'm trying to prevent myself from doing the stream of consciousness thing. Trust me, it ain't pretty (and that wasn't it).

Oh, but guess what I did learn from my whole not studying but sleeping "activity"? That I have finally gained the capability to chew gum b4 I sleep and wake up and still chew it! Disgusting or kewl? YOU decide. I think it's kewl. I remember when I was very young I was chewing gum, fell asleep and woke up with it in my hair. I had to wash it out (peanut buttah!)...actually, I used soap...& it took longer. But if i did now, I would use peanut butter. *grin* Anyway, ever since that traumatizing experience I have tried to avoid chewing gum when it was possible that I would fall asleep, sometimes the gum would act like a deterrant against sleep...didn't work this time. But, at least now I know that I have matured. hehe.

On a final note...final...haha...i crack myself up! Many odd things in my life currently. Probably you too, you anonymous person you. Odd.

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